Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spontaneous fun!

Been on a spontaneous trip to London with a friend this weekend, it's been amazing! We were part of the audience on The Last Leg on the Friday night and then on Saturday we visited lots of shops we both love! We went to Paperchase, Artbox, Chinatown, various other arty places, the lego shop and Hamleys - so much fun!

I'd never been to half these places in London before. I love Paperchase but London Paperchase had 3 floors! We actually went twice in the 24hours we were there :p

I bought the stickers and the page clips at Paperchase and the notebook at Artbox.

and my first ever washi tape! I've been reading blogs and watching videos of people decorating their filos with washi tape and haven't worked out what I think about it so thought I'd give it a go!

We had an amazing time, chatting non-stop as normal and putting the world to rights! I told my mate about an idea I'd got for turning an A5 into a journal with a section for a gratitude journal, smashing, journaling, quotes, verses from the Bible etc. She said it sounded so cool she wanted one too. Think I'm going to have to work on her! Having mulled this idea over for weeks I may have to actually do it! I miss journalling and scrapbooking and this may be exactly what I need! Watch this space! :)

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