Thursday, 13 June 2013


I love love love my A5 aqua Finsbury and I take it most places but sometimes it's just too big! I recently went to my folks for a week. I went on the megabus and it's about a days travel and I just couldn't carry my filo as well. When I got there I realised I had no diary, no pen, no paper to journal on. nothing! I felt lost and several times wished I'd got it. Well since then I've been wondering about a travel filo or a satellite filo that I can take with me when the A5 is just too big. I currently have Philofaxy's enhanced TM week per view and I was wondering about changing this to a day per page and a month on 2 pages and then if I were to get a pocket I could have a week on a page to refer too and a notes section etc.

What do you think? I'm wondering whether I could keep up 2 diaries - although they would both have slightly different purposes. 

Even though I haven't actually decided whether I'm gonna take the plunge or not I have chosen which pocket filo I would get. My current fav is this little beauty..... it's the pocket saffiano in aqua!

What to do, what to do, what to do??

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